So.. Here I was working hard and then I wild Makayla appeared! Keeping me company while we watch Frankenweenie at work. :D

Makayla and myself!

Makayla and myself!



The Doctor is in!

| November 3rd, 2012

My command and control!

| September 10th, 2012

Why I hate Shaw Cable

| August 25th, 2012

Your representative has arrived.

Lindsay #4644 (10:32:06):
Hello Michael
Lindsay #4644 (10:32:32):
What can I assist with?

Michael Stants (10:32:46):
Hi Lindsay, you guys have a 20 minute hold time and I’m just trying to find out the status of a repair technician. I have an appointment booked for today between 8 and 10 am and it’s now 10:30 can you check on that?

Lindsay #4644 (10:35:14):
just checking on my end

Michael Stants (10:35:18):
Thank you

Lindsay #4644 (10:36:21):
whose name is on this account
Lindsay #4644 (10:36:28):
just want to make sure I have the correct account

Michael Stants (10:36:37):
Eric ————-. Sherwood park ab

Lindsay #4644 (10:36:42):
thank you
Lindsay #4644 (10:40:37):
I cannot see a services call so I was asking my support about your account. We will need to rebook as I don’t see any thing booked for today
Lindsay #4644 (10:40:44):
what did you need a service call for?

Michael Stants (10:41:17):
I called the other day and someone was supposed to come to replace the modem. So your telling me the person I spoke to didn’t book my service call?
Michael Stants (10:41:46):
He told me Today between 8 and 10 and confirmed that it was booked

Lindsay #4644 (10:42:31):
that is odd. I will try emailing the last rep you spoke with but we need to rebook. What issues were you experiencing?

Michael Stants (10:44:09):
I was having issues accessing specific services. Certain game servers, media content providers. This was august 21st that I spoke to someone mid day. I don’t appreciate being given lip service about a service call. I wouldn’t have stayed home this morning.
Michael Stants (10:44:38):
At the time I assumed it was the Shaw DNS servers because I switched to using the google DNS servers and my issues went away.

Lindsay #4644 (10:45:02):
Sorry that I could not find this service call. I just spoke to my support and found out this was a known issue
Lindsay #4644 (10:45:10):
are you still experiencing the same problem?

Michael Stants (10:45:45):
I am not. Either way, I don’t appreciate him giving me lip service about a service call. I can understand if the issue wasn’t known at the time, but still. A callback or something would have been nice

Lindsay #4644 (10:45:52):
Sorry Michael. I was just as confused as you were but I just found out this was a known issue in your city.

Michael Stants (10:47:02):
The technician assured me if it was an issue on the shaw side, that he would have known about it. Obviously he requires more training or something. I work in a similar field myself providing internet to rural alberta customers using wireless radio links. If one of my customers went through a similar experience I can just imagine their frustration
Michael Stants (10:48:44):
I would like to know what will be done about this issue.

Lindsay #4644 (10:48:49):
It looks like the person that booked the service call was unaware that it was removed and unaware of the area issue. We were not told about it right away. I was trying to find it but only found notes regarding the service call. Not the actual booked service call or canceled service call. it looks like it somehow disappeared. Usually it sits on your account even if it has been canceled and I would think we would update you. But I am really sorry that you did not hear from us.
Lindsay #4644 (10:49:09):
are you still experiencing the same problem with the websites?

Michael Stants (10:49:19):
I am not, but as far as I’m concerned I’ve been lied to
Michael Stants (10:49:29):
By a representative of Shaw cable services

Lindsay #4644 (10:50:46):
He didn’t lie to you. He was not updated about the issue in your city. What I will do is add a credit for your troubles on your account. I will give you a $15.00 credit and you will see it on your next bill.

Michael Stants (10:52:56):
Well he didn’t go out of his way to contact me to inform me of a known issue and the cancellation of my service call. So what I’m really looking for is what is shaw going to do to ensure that this doesn’t happen to another customer? I appreciate the credit and will willingly take it, but as a customer support rep for an internet service provider i feel it is unacceptable to just leave a customer hanging like shaw has done with me and not call me back to inform me that an appointment has been cancelled or that an issue I was seeing that was at the time unexplainable was infact a known issue.

Lindsay #4644 (10:54:16):
I don’t think he removed the service call so he would not have known it was removed. He may be out of the office but I will email him and let him know that this had occurred.

Michael Stants (10:55:26):
Will this be escalated to a manager? I would like someone above him to look over this and ensure that the correct procedure is followed in future. IE. notifying clients when require.

Lindsay #4644 (10:55:57):
I will speak to a supervisor about this and let them know it has occured.
Lindsay #4644 (10:56:02):
I apologize for all the trouble

Michael Stants (10:56:13):
Thank you. Have a good day Lindsay

Lindsay #4644 (10:56:43):
You too Michael

Train-ing. A first hand look

| August 24th, 2012

So.. I’ve been training the new guy and monday is his first night completely on his own. This was my first experience at training someone so I’m really hoping it goes well. Guess we’ll find out. Find out how Tom does at

Freshman 15 – Dick Figures

| June 29th, 2012

Video Game Highschool

| June 22nd, 2012

I’d like to invite everyone to check out Video Game High School. It’s an interesting web series by Freddie Wong.

It’s your job.. Do it!

| June 22nd, 2012

I’ve been getting increasingly annoyed with the lack of service people seem to give when performing their respective jobs. I think what finally set me off was my experience tonight. A friend of a friend is a waitress at a localĀ restaurantĀ and while I know this person fairly well from time I’ve spent at this establishment, but it’s not very often that we do hang out outside of their place of employment. The comment that set me off was “You’re actually gonna make me make you a salad”. Now, to put this into perspective. This person had been complaining of an injury during the evening. What I read into the comment was “You’re actually going to make me do my job?” Well of course I am. I’m a paying customer, you are the employee working at the establishment in which I have chosen to spend my money. I expect you to take my order, refill my drink as required and treat me with the same respect and courtesy you would any other customer. The fact that our conversations last longer than the average quips one might have with a non regular customer doesn’t change the fact that I expect the same quality service as anyone else.

Grrrrr. Ragequit!

On April 23, 2012: VOTE!

| April 12th, 2012